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BBiTV continued as an operating company for five years before shifting its focus entirely toward IP development and licensing. Chief Technology Officer Milton Diaz is the inventor of all BBiTV patents and continues in that role. The company has not acquired any of its patents; instead, the portfolio stems directly from the leading-edge interactive television platform, Web CMS, and VOD applications that BBiTV designed and launched from 2003 through 2006.

BBiTV filed its first patent application in 2004. The company had the foresight to see the direction in which the then nascent on-demand content category was headed, and the disclosures written for its first three patent applications are still relevant today, 15 years later. More importantly, these original disclosures continue to support the accelerating development of new claims and the issuance of new patents. The company continues to file patent applications, anticipating changing market dynamics, and further strengthening its portfolio.

Its patent application activity has dramatically increased in the last three years as the company continues to find fresh applications for its core patents, extending its reach to today’s growing content delivery formats. BBiTV also has an international patent portfolio with issued patents in six countries and multiple patents pending.


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Subject Matters

The core of the portfolio provides content producers with a simplified, Internet-based process to upload on-demand content to digital television system operators and to manage electronic program guide (EPG) metadata. The portfolio has expanded beyond the basic traditional VOD mechanisms to include important new streaming-centric trends in the marketplace such as personalized program guide; the delivery of VOD and broadcast content by operators to Internet-connected devices such as iPhones (known as TV Anywhere/Everywhere); and the delivery of VOD and broadcast content by content producers and online aggregators to Internet-connected devices.

web cms upload

Upload of VOD content and metadata to Web CMS, delivered to TV service with automatic placement of title in correct hierarchical position in EPG

internet device

Internet-connected device (or non-network specific) VOD applications and EPGs

vod app middleware

VOD application middleware

dual epg

Receipt of VOD content and metadata at VOD services platform, generate and deliver VOD EPGs to traditional TV (closed) and to subscriber devices on open network (Internet)

tracking & Ad revenue

Tracking user engagement with ads on a content-producer’s material to determine revenue to be received by the content- producer from those ads


Receipt of VOD content and metadata from Web CMS, generate and deliver VOD EPG menus using templates

personalized epg

Personalized VOD EPG based on previous selection history and login credentials

bookmark sharing

Bookmarking and sharing bookmarks

profiling & targeting

Consolidation of subscriber-related data in order to provide a highly relevant, reformatted VOD content menu

vod delivery of user-generated content

Upload content from Internet and deliver to specific TV users

multi-vod application epg

Supports aggregation, presentation and access of multiple VOD applications within Internet devices and set top boxes

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